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What is a 'Covert Malignant' Narcissist?

What is a 'Covert Malignant' Narcissist?

In a nutshell, nasty! Covert means ‘not openly acknowledged or displayed’, and Malignant means ‘evil, in nature or effect; malevolent’, and Narcissist is a person who has excessive interest and admiration for themselves. Put those three components... covert, malignant and Narcissist together and see what you get? But that’s not the whole story, by a long chalk.


Covert Malignant Narcissists are often highly intelligent, cunning and manipulative. They can also be incredibly charming, fooling everyone but their victims, that they are delightful people. This works in their favour in SO many ways, I don’t know where to start! It works by making it hard for their victim to out them, because no one will believe them.


It makes it hard because the CM Narc will have used their charm to convince your friends, and even family, that you are the one with problems, and unless people in your circle know you really well and trust you, it can be impossible to get anyone to believe that this person is making your life a nightmare.


It makes it hard because the CM Narc is completely and utterly unconscionable. They don’t give a damn about your feelings, and seek to do as much damage to you as they possibly can. They know what they are doing, and they just don’t care. They believe they have a right to get whatever they want in life, and they will use you as their supplier of ‘fuel’, without a second thought. They will lie to you, cheat on you, steal from you, often to the point of financial ruin, and they they’ll have the audacity to blame you for all of it.


Everything is always your fault, because they perceive themselves as totally blameless, unable as they are to hold themselves accountable for anything. A CM Narcissist is the worst kind to be involved with because they are so incredibly duplicitous. If you’re dealing with one, plan your exit strategy because they will bring you nothing but misery.

Maria McMahon