Narcissism has been described as a global epidemic, and it's a form of extremely debilitating, toxic abuse that affects millions of people - both women and men -worldwide.  Some estimates put it as high as 3.4 Billion people, which is staggering to contemplate!


In this short, but powerful (and FREE) Webinar, I’ll help you understand: 


What Narcissism is (and NO, it's NOT all in your head!) 

What makes a Narcissist - and why it's NOT your fault

Why you’ve attracted a Narcissist - and why understanding this is a game-changer

5 Key Steps you can take to start reclaiming your Self-Worth and freeing yourself from the devastating effects of Narcissistic Abuse.


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In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The Key Types of Narcissist and how they treat you – and no, it’s NOT all in your head!
  • What makes a Narcissist? –  and why it’s not YOUR fault! 
  • Why you’ve attracted a Narcissist into your life – and why understanding this is a game-changer.
  • 5 Key Steps you can take to start reclaiming your power, self-love, and begin your healing journey.


If you are struggling with Narcissistic Abuse... you MUST NOT miss this Webinar! 

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at 9pm CET/8pm BST/3pm CET

About the host...

I’m Maria McMahon, Certified Clinical NLP/Hypnotherapist, Life Coach & Author. I help people who are struggling to  overcome the challenges of Narcissistic Abuse... be it spousal, parental, or in any other form. You CAN heal fully and live life happily after Narcissistic Abuse. Thousands of men and women have done it... you can too. There IS a way out of the cage!

I invite you to join me on this powerful webinar to begin learning the 5 Key Steps you can take to start reclaiming your self-Worth!