What my clients have to say about working with me...

"Maria has turned my life around and I can now face each day with courage and calmness." 
FG, Abu Dhabi

 “It was just three short years ago that I learned about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), but the moment I did, I had one of those classic “a-ha” moments. It was like a light bulb went off in my head and all the dots started to connect. Finally, the cruel, controlling toxic people I had been dealing with for what seemed like a lifetime – from family to boyfriends and women pretending to be friends and supportive co-workers – could be explained.


My recent journey to understanding what NPD was all about was sparked by a malignant NPD I was managing at work. The stress of this experience – protecting my team from her abuse and physical threats, which, in turn, caused me to become her target – led me to being diagnosed with PTSD. But it is also thanks to this toxic woman that I was able to connect with Maria, who has helped me on my journey of recovery and to understand why I have attracted NPDs since my childhood.


From shaking uncontrollably to insomnia and experiencing paralyzing anxiety attacks only to end up in the emergency room countless times, Maria has turned my life around and I can now face each day with courage and calmness – and a strong belief that I will no longer allow NPDs into my life. I would never have been able to come this far without Maria and her incredible patience, tremendous insights and genuine belief that she can help people conquer their fears to find their infinite self-worth. And as I continue on my journey, I know that Maria will be there, helping me all the way.”

 "I could finally see the new direction of my journey and feel a new sense of self-worth and emotional autonomy."


Ida Wonders, 'The Dopamine Diaries' Facebook Group 

“It struck me like lightning when I found out I had been abused by a covert malignant narcissist. My body and soul were in complete turmoil, as I spent almost all my time trying to understand what had happened exactly and how I had gotten into that situation. It was one of the worst times in my life, and it left me convinced that a fundamental change of my life was needed. 


But what change exactly and how? How can we ever trust ourselves or others again after this experience and after finding out all this about ourselves? Working with Maria opened that door for me: I could finally see the new direction of my journey and feel a new sense of self-worth and emotional autonomy. Exactly what I needed!


There is a large number of “traditional” therapy offers, all of which, however, make healing appear a discouragingly distant objective. And, of course, fundamental life changes are never swift and effortless. There are, however, very effective ways of dealing with what is at the root of our issues. Maria offers methods that go directly to the heart of what has been keeping us in this vicious circle of abuse. We can learn to parent ourselves, to provide for ourselves, to understand that we are enough always. No more pulling us around the ring by those old wounds, once we understand that we can heal by living in the spirit of Infinite Self-Worth.”


You are my earth angel... never forget that! 

 I'm still with you always! You made a difference.. You gave me hope! In a world where people say how they love you but make you lose all hope. You made this difference happen for me! I TRULY THANK YOU!!

Keep up the good work.. The more we win.. The better life will be for everyone! I'm going to make a difference just like you. We can win this and make the narcissist history!


Personal, Private and Professional


Kaye A. Peters, Author, 'Just Sayin' (Three's a Charm) 

“I belong to Maria's closed, totally confidential, group. Maria is a qualified professional who dedicates her life to advancing the human dignity… especially of women… and she invites and helps those who recognize they need help in certain areas of their lives to confidently come ahead and start getting involved in their own happiness and well being.


My experience was with a sociopathic man, and in becoming more acquainted with the narcissistic identity, I realize there are many similarities.  It is not easy to extricate oneself from an individual who is an emotional vampire; one who insidiously worms his way into the life-blood existence of another.


Through Maria’s thorough and professional approach with her several techniques, MP3’s, videos, and personal attentiveness, I gained more insights, albeit my experience was 50 years ago!  In this group, we can learn from others, ask questions, get answers and make personal headway in life.  Scrolling the internet and getting nowhere isn’t my style anyhow.